About Us

Pesos.ph -Online loan helper for Filipino citizens

Pesos.ph provides a safe and secure online loan service for ordinary Filipino citizens in financial difficulties.

Pesos.ph is committed to creating a new financial service ecosystem, based on the Internet and data, with the core concept of user first, high-quality experience, innovation and sharing, and a lending service platform born to help borrowers maintain their credit.

Why choose us ❓
1. Operation steps: Download the APP, select the loan amount online, and submit the information online.
2. Transparent fees: There is no hidden consumption, all fees are clearly indicated when using, and no other fees are charged.
3. Security: Personal information is encrypted throughout the process, and the information you submit will not be leaked.
4. Flexibility: You can re-loan, and you can re-loan after repayment.

How much can you borrow ❓
The higher your credit, the more money you get!

Borrowing Conditions for Pesos.ph❓
Filipino citizens over the age of 18.
Ability to repay loans.
Have a valid government ID.

⭐ The minimum repayment period for the loan product is 91 days and the maximum is 120 days.
⭐ We offer loan amount of ₱1,000-₱25,000
⭐ Loan Interest: Up to 18.25%/year (APR)
⭐ Transaction Fees: Zero

If you choose a loan limit of ₱20,000, the loan term is 120 days.
Loan Amount: PHP 20,000
Transaction Fees: Zero
Loan term: 120 days
✨Total repayment: PHP 22,367 (PHP 20,000*18.25%/365*120+PHP 20,000=PHP 21,200)
✨Monthly Payment: PHP 5,300 (PHP 20,000*18.25%/365*300+PHP 20,000/120*30=PHP 5,300)
The above percentages include applicable taxes.

I hope our loan products can bring you a pleasant experience, and I hope you can share it with your relatives and friends, so that I can accompany you to spend a wonderful life!

- If you have any questions, you can contact us by the following ways:
Consumer Hotline: 3349583758
Customer Service Email: soehgoedebug@gmail.com
Company Address: 1 Jade Drive Ortigas Center, San Antonio, Pasig, Metro Manila