User Registration Agreement

Thank you for visiting the smart loan application, we respect and protect your private information.

Referring to Core Cash from here is synonymous with mentioning Core Cash application. Customer's access and use of Core Cash application (applicable to customers who have established consumer lending relationships at Core Cash application, by corresponding agreements and contracts) are subject to Agreements, including: Service provision contract; Contract of deposit and custody of property; copy of the Privacy Policy (this document); Core Cash Terms and Conditions; Other Agreements/Contracts/Contract equivalent documents that the Customer accepts when registering to use other products/services provided by Core Cash. Customer commits that it has read, understood and will comply with the provisions of this Policy.

I. General provisions

1. This policy is considered valid when the Customer uses the Core Cash application and expires when the Customer terminates the use of the Core Cash application.

2. Core Cash reserves the right to accept or refuse Customer's registration in accordance with this Policy as well as the Laws and Regulations.

3.Customer agrees that the registration of additional products/services sent to Core Cash through the application with Customer's Confidential Information means that Customer agrees to the Agreement of products/services. service, has the same legal validity as the registration with the real signature of the Customer and constitutes a binding contract between the Customer and Core Cash, in case Core Cash accepts such registration.

4. Customers can receive OTP code when making some transactions by SMS to mobile phone number or SMS to Customer's email pre-registered with Core Cash. The time Core Cash sends the OTP Code depends on the service of the internet service provider or the mobile network that the Customer uses. If Customer submits OTP Code request more than once, the previously requested OTP Code will no longer be valid and the latest requested OTP Code will be a valid OTP to be used on Core Cash.

5. The access and use of Core Cash application is not transferable or shared with others.

II. Obligations of the customer

1. Provide complete and accurate personal information, identification papers, signatures and other information if necessary and in accordance with the provisions of the law when the Customer makes requests related to Core Cash, and at the same time update and notify Core Cash if there is a change in Customer information.

2. Take all precautions to prevent unauthorized access and/or use of Core Cash and Confidential Information, including but not limited to:

3. Confidential information must be kept confidential, inaccessible by any other person and not recorded in any way that can be decrypted by anyone or withheld or disclosed or come into contact with any person (including Core Cash employees) under any circumstances or at any time. Any instructions containing Confidential Information sent to the Customer should be destroyed immediately upon receipt and reading by the Customer. Any email or SMS message requesting the provision of Confidential Information should be immediately notified to Core Cash.

4. Make sure that the device Customer is using will not allow Customer's activities to be recorded, and that the necessary anti-spyware and firewall software are installed. 6.If Confidential Information is disclosed or suspected to be disclosed to any person, Customer should immediately change Confidential Information to protect its interests. Core Cash will not be liable for any loss or damage in this case;

5.Log out of the application and/or close the mobile application after completing using Core Cash;

6.Understand and clearly realize that using public computers, public wireless networks to access and use Core Cash has potential risks related to customer information security and transaction information. Core Cash is not responsible if confidential information is disclosed in case the Customer uses public access devices and networks to access and use Core Cash.

7.Customers have no right to interfere, interfere or use Core Cash illegally. Customer agrees not to:

8. Using robots, spiders, scrapers, deep links or similar data collection software or data extraction tools, programs, algorithms or other methods to invade import, copy, interfere in whole or in part of Core Cash without Core Cash's written permission.

9. Use or attempt to use software, tools, services or devices or mechanisms (including but not limited to: browser, spider, robot, avatar or artificial intelligence) to navigate or to search on Core Cash.

10. Transmit files that contain viruses, worms, Trojans or have components that affect or disrupt the normal operation of Core Cash.

11. Decrypt, reverse engineer or disassemble any software constituting Core Cash or any part of Core Cash.

12. Other obligations under the law.

III. Customer's rights

1.Customers can use Core Cash including registered products/services and later products/services provided by Core Cash.

2.If Customer's information is changed or incorrect, Customer can edit the items in the profile through the Application, or contact Core Cash to request to change personal information.

3.Customers can disable Core Cash's collection of location information in the mobile application, through the device's operating system settings or through the settings in the online account.

4.Customers can set their browser to delete cookies. Please note that if Customer chooses to refuse or delete cookies, this may affect the usability and functionality of Core Cash.

5.Customers can ask Core Cash for support when necessary, including but not limited to the following cases: unable to access Core Cash; suspected disclosure of Confidential Information; forgot Confidential Information; error correction; or technical issues related to the security of Core Cash.

6. Other obligations under the law.

IV. Rights of Core Cash

1. All transactions made through the Client's Confidential Information, hand signature, electronic signature/electronic confirmation or digital signature will be deemed to be the Client's instruction and authorization for Core Cash. This Instruction, once received, cannot be reversed or revoked. The Customer hereby authorizes Core Cash to process instructions requested by the Customer without being obligated to authenticate the instructions and the sender of such instructions. Core Cash will not be responsible for any such misuse or unauthorized use. The Customer bears all costs related to the modification, reversal, cancellation and/or refund at Core Cash's discretion if the Customer fails to comply with the instructions in Article I.6.

2.Core Cash may collect personal information that Customer provides when Customer registers Core Cash, when Customer uses the application, or when Customer contacts Core Cash

3.When Customers use Core Cash to perform financial transactions, Core Cash will collect personal information related to each transaction, including transaction time, transaction value, location, card acceptance agent information. Core Cash may collect additional photos, memos and other information that the Customer attaches to the transaction;

4.When Customers access and use Core Cash, Core Cash may automatically collect Customer's device information, usage information, location information and tracking information

5.Core Cash may use Customer information, including personal information, for the following purposes:

a. Confirm Customer's identity when using Core Cash and prevent fraud.

b. Provide, maintain and improve Core Cash;

c. Provide products and services requested by Customer, process transactions and send relevant information, including confirmations, to Customer;

1. Send technical announcements, updates, security alerts, and support and administrative messages;

2. Respond to Customer's comments, questions and requests;

3. Contacting Customers about products, services, offers, promotions, prizes, events organized by Core Cash and other parties, providing news and information that Core Cash deems appropriate with customers;

4.Monitor and analyze trends, usage habits and activities related to Core Cash;

5.Personalize and enhance products and services, providing advertising, content or features tailored to the user's profile or interests;

6. Conducting contests and promotions;

7.Link or combine information that Core Cash receives from other parties to understand more about Customer's needs and better serve Customer;

8.Core Cash has the right to collect, provide information, report data related to current and former Customers, including personal information, to the following third parties:

9. Financial service providers (if any);

10. Other users, for example, the Client's recipients;

11. Unaffiliated non-financial companies, eg email, marketing, security service providers;

12. Authorities, such as fraud investigation and anti-money laundering agencies;

13. Other functional agencies in accordance with current law.

14. Core Cash has the right (but has no obligation) to monitor and record all or part of Customer's phone calls with Core Cash (if any) to ensure service quality as well as training quality. internal creation, security management and other legitimate purposes. Customer agrees to allow monitoring and recording of calls between Customer and Core Cash. This authorization is in effect continuously and does not require re-confirmation prior to, or during each monitoring and recording session, unless specifically required by Law;

15. Core Cash can send Push Notification, SMS, or email messages according to the information Customers register with Core Cash for: receiving OTP codes, product and service announcements, promotions, coupons fees and service charges. The Customer agrees that Core Cash will not be responsible if the content of the notice will be readable by a third party with access to the Customer's personal email or mobile device. Customers are responsible for notifying Core Cash when there is a change in email address, mobile phone number or personal device.

16. Core Cash may use Customer's feedback, suggestions or opinions to modify and improve Core Cash, other associated products and services, advertising or marketing materials.

17. Core Cash may allow service providers to advertise on Core Cash's behalf. If the Customer clicks on an advertisement, the service provider may collect information, which may later be used by Core Cash or the service provider to analyze and track data, identify popularity of certain content and providing relevant advertising;

18. Core Cash may include a sharing feature for popular social networks to allow users to share information with friends or everyone, depending on the settings set by the Customer with the carrier provided. social sharing feature;

19. Core Cash may use Customer's Confidential Information to identify Customer before granting access to Core Cash to Customer.

20. Other obligations under the Laws and Regulations.

V. Obligations of Core Cash

1. Make every effort to ensure that all Account related information displayed on Core Cash is as accurate as possible. However, the Customer accepts that Core Cash cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the information. Accordingly, in case the Customer has reason to doubt the accuracy of the information, Core Cash is obliged to answer the Customer's queries about the account information;

2. Core Cash uses reasonable measures to help protect all of Customer's confidential information from loss, theft, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. In addition, Core Cash applies policies designed to ensure the confidentiality and security of customers' personal information. Core Cash restricts access to Customer's personal information only to authorized personnel, and applies security procedures and procedures designed to protect the confidentiality and security of such information. this, and unauthorized disclosure of such information is strictly prohibited. Core Cash will only provide Customer's information when there is an official and legal request of the authorities;

1.Except for the cases listed in this Privacy Policy or permitted by Laws and Regulations/other agreements, Core Cash undertakes not to sell, disclose or leak Customer's information without with the Client's permission.

2.Core Cash protects the safety of Customer's information in a highly secure data center, strictly complying with security control measures, specifications and processes to strictly protect Customer's information. . Core Cash will make every effort to ensure that all private information is kept securely, however it should be noted that in practice transmission of information via the Internet and/or other electronic channels cannot be carried out. Absolutely confidential. Therefore, Customers please ensure that all of their information is not accessed by or disclosed to anyone else. Core Cash will not be responsible for any damage or loss suffered by the Customer, directly or indirectly, in the event that the aforementioned information is stolen, forged, copied, abused, misuse or other violations;

3.Receive inquiries and complaints of Customers related to Core Cash's Products and Services, and make efforts to resolve them in a timely manner.

4.Other obligations under applicable Laws and Regulations.

Core Cash reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time, we will send notice via text message or email regarding any changes to our privacy policy so that you can Update the new privacy policy at all times.

B - Customer protection policy

I. Customer's Rights

1. The safety of life, health, property, rights and other legitimate interests is guaranteed when participating in transactions and using the goods and services provided by Core Cash.

2. To be provided with accurate and complete information about Core Cash; service transaction content; be provided with invoices, vouchers, documents related to transactions and other necessary information about the services that customers have purchased and used.

3.Select services according to their actual needs and conditions; decide to participate or not to participate in the transaction and the content of the agreement when participating in the transaction with Core Cash.

4.Comment with Core Cash on prices, quality of goods, services, service style, transaction methods and other content related to transactions between customers and Core Cash.

5. Claim compensation for damage when the service does not meet the standards, technical regulations, quality, price or other content that Core Cash has announced, listed, advertised or committed.

6. Complaints, denunciations, lawsuits or requests for social organizations to initiate lawsuits to protect their interests in accordance with this Law and other relevant laws.

7. To be consulted, supported and guided in knowledge about service consumption.

II. Customer's Obligations

1. Checking and selecting services of clear origin, not contrary to fine customs and social ethics, and not causing harm to their own lives and health and those of others; Accurately and fully implement service manuals.

2. Information to relevant state agencies, organizations and individuals when detecting that the service causes damage or threatens to cause damage to the life, health or property of the customer; Core Cash's behavior infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

III. Core Cash's responsibility in providing information about services to customers

1.Ensure to provide accurate and complete information about the goods and services provided;

2. To request related parties to provide evidence to prove the accuracy and completeness of information about goods and services;

3. Take joint responsibility for providing inaccurate or incomplete information, unless it is proved that all measures have been taken as prescribed by law to check the accuracy and completeness of the information. service information;

4.Responsible for creating favorable conditions for customers to access, download, store and print invoices, vouchers and prescribed documents.

5. Comply with the provisions of the law on the press and the law on advertising.

IV. Argument setllement

1.Customers who believe that their legitimate rights and interests have been infringed have the right to send a request to Core Cash to complain.

2.Core Cash is responsible for receiving and negotiating with customers within no more than 07 working days from the date of receiving the request.

Core Cash reserves the right to change the Customer Protection Policy at any time and to ensure compliance with applicable laws, we will send notice via text message or email regarding any changes related to regarding our customer protection policy so that you can stay up to date with a new customer protection policy at all times.