Privacy Policy

By virtue of the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (the "Law") and its secondary legislation, Core Cash , makes this Privacy Notice available to you. .



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Personal data subject to treatment

To carry out the purposes described in this Notice, we will collect for processing the following personal data of which you are the owner (the "Owner" and / or "You"): (i) full name, (ii) address, (iii) email, (iv) date and place of birth, (v) nationality, (vi) telephone number, (vii) Facebook , (ix) marital status, (x) identification and contact data, (xi) geolocation, (xii) social media data when authorized by the Owner, (xiii) patrimonial data, (xiv) income and Expenditures through access to your Tax Administration Service account and / or bank accounts, (xv) reason for the requested credit, (xvi) type of business, and (xvii) biometric data consisting of facial recognition elements in order to corroborate your identity (the “Personal Data”) Core Cash will not collect sensitive personal data from the holders. When you register and create an Account with us using the application, you must provide us with certain personal information, including your name, national identification, date of birth, gender, educational background, photograph, physical address, email address, work information, marital status, emergency contact, your phone number, SIM card details, financial and credit information (including your mobile money account details, bank account details and bank verification number, where applicable), and an ID account and / or password that you will use to access the application after registration.

Contacts (edit)

Allows the app to obtain contact permissions to detect references and be able to automatically complete the loan application process. Gather contact information to assess your risk and credit score As part of our loan journey, we require references from the loan applicant. In this sense, during the presentation of the form in our application, we collect your contact information to detect close contacts that allow you to automatically complete the data during the loan application process. In addition, we collect contact information from your device for risk analysis purposes by allowing us to detect credible references. The more credible the references, the lower the risk associated with a User.

Core Cash will load and transfer your contact list data (including name and phone number) from your mobile phone to The names and phone numbers uploaded and transmitted will be used for risk management and anti-fraud checks.
By using the application, you will periodically send contact list data to our server. Core Cash will never share data with third parties without your permission. The collection will only take place if you accept the permission.


It allows the app to obtain camera permissions to capture images / videos and thus speed up the loan application process.


Allows the app to obtain location permissions to be able to provide personalized offers.


We will use the code (IMEl) of your cell phone, since with it we can ensure that other cell phones cannot replace you when requesting a loan, thus preventing fraud.


Activate the reminder in the calendar, to help remember payment dates.


"app" wants to use your "Social Network Accounts" to log in. This allows the app and the site to share information about you. The express consent of the Holder for the treatment of the Data


The personal data collected by Core is used to achieve the following purposes:
1. Necessary
a. Comply with the contractual relationship originating from the service request and/or contract. According to the service contracted with Core Cash, verify, confirm and verify the identity of the holder, as well as the authenticity, reference, mutual obligation, and endorsement (if applicable) of the information provided by him. C. Manage, operate and monitor the services you request or contract with Core Cash. d. Analyze the information provided by the holder in order to determine the risk level, payment feasibility, transaction status, and any other assessments required for the grant of services in accordance with the current laws and regulations. with. Formally confirm the contractual relationship between Core Cash and the holder. F. Include it in our database directly or through a third party, integrated file. G. To process your requests through our electronic means. H. Create your profile as a user in the application. Verify and investigate credit. A generation. Consult with the credit information company you think is appropriate and conduct a credit investigation. j. Provide extension or improvement of contract services. gram. Notify about service updates. Lake conducts business intelligence, conducts market research, makes your activities in our electronic media visible, monitors the quality of our electronic media, and evaluates and improves our electronic media. Meter. Send communications related to the contracted service through our electronic means.
2. Not necessary: a. Send offers, promotions, marketing or special events that may be of interest to the holder. B. Send our newsletters and offers, as well as the benefits and services provided by business partners. The owner of personal data can refuse to process their personal data for non-essential purposes by sending an email to the following email address:; and understand, if it is not received. It will be understood that the corresponding itud agrees to use your information for all the above-mentioned purposes. Evaluate and improve our electronic media. Meter. Send communications related to the contracted service through our electronic means.

Transfer of personal data

Core Cash will share your personal data with: (i) its holding companies, subsidiaries or affiliates under the common control of Core Cash, as well as our parent company or any company in our corporate group operating under the same internal processes and policies. , (Ii) Contact the competent authority as required by applicable laws, (iii) The company or the company responsible for collection and collection (iv) With other companies in the case of acquisition, merger or any other similar business by the company , (V) Third parties, including financial entities, for the transfer or discount of credit portfolios, endorsements or any other form of credit portfolio negotiation, (vi) Contracts for the commercialization of products and/or services for the interests of the holders Business partners, and (vii) in any other circumstances specified in Article 10 and Article 37 of the law.

Exercise of rights

The owners of personal data have the right to access, correct, cancel, object to the processing of their personal data owned by Core Cash and withdraw their consent ("ARCO rights"), unless the law requires that the said data be protected. The exercise of these rights must be carried out in writing at the Core Cash address sent to the customer service area, which is responsible for processing personal data requests and promoting the protection of personal data within the scope of Core Cash; or by e-mail to the following e-mail address : Core; the following information and documents must be included: • Name and address or other means to convey the response to your request, as well as documents proving your identity, or, where appropriate, a legal representative. • Any other elements or files that help locate personal data. • The request must be signed at the end of the letter and at the bottom of each page. This can be done in the email text or scanned attachment and appropriately signed at the end of it and at the bottom of each page sign. Once the request is submitted in accordance with the above clauses, Core Cash will issue the approved decision within 20 (twenty) days after receiving the request. If the request is appropriate, this will take effect within 15 (fifteen) working days from the date the responsible party communicates the response. If the information you provide in the request is incorrect or insufficient, or if the necessary documents to prove your identity or the corresponding legal representative are not attached, the responsible party will request you within 5 (five) working days after receiving your request Correct the defect for processing. In these cases, you will have 10 (ten) business days to satisfy the correction request, counting from the date of receipt of the request. If you do not respond within the above-mentioned period, the corresponding request will be deemed unsubmitted. The owner will be responsible for keeping his personal data updated and owned by the responsible person. Therefore, in any case, the holder guarantees and responds to the authenticity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data provided, and promises to update these data in a timely manner and notify the person in charge of any changes. If the request to exercise ARCO rights is about the exercise of access rights, Core Cash will provide you with information or personal data through a simple copy of the electronic address and/or electronic file designated by the holder. The holder of personal data can only withdraw consent to its processing in accordance with the above procedures, provided that the law applicable to the responsible person permits it. With Core Cash, you can refuse to exercise ARCO rights when permitted by law and its regulations. The holder can revoke his consent to the processing of his personal data, but it does not have retrospective effect. In all these cases, the said revocation does not mean that it is impossible to comply with the holder and the responsible person or in the current legal relationship. Obligations. When there is no necessary purpose. The procedure for withdrawing consent (if applicable) will be the same as the procedure for exercising ARCO rights in the previous section. In the absence of retrospective effect, in all these cases, the above revocation does not mean that the current legal relationship between the holder and the responsible person or the obligations arising out of non-essential purposes cannot be fulfilled. The procedure for withdrawing consent (if applicable) will be the same as the procedure for exercising ARCO rights in the previous section. Without retrospective effect, in all these cases, the above revocation does not mean that the obligations arising from the current legal relationship between the holder and the responsible person cannot be fulfilled, or for non-essential purposes. The procedure for withdrawing consent (if applicable) will be the same as the procedure for exercising ARCO rights in the previous section.

Ways to restrict the use or disclosure of your personal data

The owner of personal data can restrict its use or disclosure in accordance with the procedures set out in the section "Exercising ARCO Rights and Revocation of Consent".

Use of cookies and other similar technologies

You have been informed that Core Cash uses remote or local electronic, optical or other communication mechanisms to enable us to collect personal data related to your activities in electronic media and services. A cookie is a piece of information that our web server can send to your computer when you visit our electronic media. When you visit electronic media again, cookies can help us identify your users. You can delete, block or receive warnings about cookies in the most common Internet browsers. If you want to do this, you must consult the instructions on your browser and/or its help screen, however, cookies will allow you to take advantage of the most beneficial features our electronic media provides you.


It is understandable that by using our electronic media and/or contracting the services provided by us for the purposes specified here, you expressly acknowledge and accept this notice. For this notice, the said consent grants us to continue processing the same in this notice. The way specified.

Availability of privacy statement

The owner can view the privacy statement in our website and app at any time, even after accepting it.

Changes to the privacy statement

Core Cash may modify, change and/or update this notice at any time to comply with applicable legal regulations, our privacy practices, or for other reasons, and we will use it on our website and applications.



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